Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Birthday Boys

Jon and Sam had the opportunity to serve alongside the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation with Pete and some other local State Farm agents on Jon's birthday. It was an incredible chance for them to give back and see Love in action. 

These oldest two boys of mine get lumped together often, so it's only fitting that their birthdays should be lumped together in this post. It's really more about the time I don't have to be posting, and the fact that they're older so there's not as many cutesy pictures to post. However, since this blog is sort of a digital scrapbook for our family, I do want to post about their latest birthdays, even if it is one post for both birthdays!

Jon with our traditional birthday pancakes in the shape of your new age
Jon turned 11 in August. ELEVEN. For some reason he seems so much older to me lately. I've had other people comment on it, too. He's definitely had a growth spurt, and with that physical growth has come a maturity that is such a blessing to this mama. In general, he has become more patient, more understanding, more compassionate, and less dramatic. All the moms out there know how incredible and encouraging that is to see in your kids. It has given me hope for the other kids, who are still very egocentric. Don't misunderstand, Jon is no saint, but the growth I've seen is tremendous. It's actually driving me to my knees for him and the other kiddos even more. I want to see that growth continue in him and his siblings.

Jon reading Life of Fred to Will 
On a Mom/Son date, Jon discovered that Steak n' Shake is his new favorite
Jon and his buddy, Josiah, at Classical Conversations
Jon, like all of us, is complex. He loves reading, yet he also likes being with people. He still loves Legos, video games and swimming, but also decided to try out for a musical recently. (We find out tonight what part he got!) My oldest boy is a great helper at church, volunteering to help wipe down tables or vaccuum. He helps out at home, too, but a little more reluctantly-like I said, he's not a saint, and that's okay! He's super sweet with his sister and will gladly read to her or Will. He is still closest with Sam and they can usually be found doing something together. He's over a month into 6th grade here at home and is doing a great job. (I'll post more about that soon and link to it here) Jon continues to love science and history. He's great at creative writing and art, and loves when I read aloud to him. Overall, my first born makes me so proud to be his mom and brings me so much joy! I can't wait to see what God has in store for him this year.

The boys and I get to go visit my brother and his wife in Peru in November, so here they are with their brand new passports!
Sam just turned 9 at the beginning of this month. I have been struck lately by Sam's ability to make friends everywhere we go. On the swim team this summer he made some new friends. In our neighborhood he continually makes friends. At our homeschool group he has several really good friends. I wonder how that is going to serve him in life-his friendliness and the way he is able to develop good friendships so easily. He is laid back yet driven-I'm not sure how that's possible, but if you watch my boy you'll see that it is. He is entering into this pushing back phase of questioning things, which from what I've learned in studying education is pretty normal for his age, but can be frustrating as a parent. I'm trying to teach him how to question respectfully and, thankfully, he is learning how to do that more and more.
Sam with his birthday gift-a Garmin Vivofit to keep track of his steps so that he can try to beat his mama every single day! 
Sam and Jon in one of two of the reading nooks they have created around the house recently 
Sam with three of his buddies from our neighborhood swim team. These four swam in two relays together at our championship meet and placed in both! 
Sam continues to love all things athletic and active. His favorite sports to play are basketball and swimming. He also loves soccer and baseball, and would watch just about any sport with his daddy. His siblings all love spending time with him. Although if I'm honest, he and Will butt heads often. He loves math, and he tolerates reading, yet loves being read to. He would rarely chose to draw, but is a pretty decent little artist when he does attempt to draw. He loves history and learning about animals, his favorite of which continues to be the penguin. Sam has a great sense of humor and loves making people laugh. I'm so thankful to be his mom and can't wait to see how he will grow this coming year!

These two boys are getting so big and are growing in so many ways. It's not an easy job to be their mom, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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