Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some Firsts for Our Girl

Maggie's hair has been growing out quite a bit. It wasn't too long, but the ends were dry and getting easily tangled, which led to frustrating hair combing/brushing. The boys needed hair cuts, so I decided if they could fit Maggie in, I would let them cut her hair a little bit, too. It wasn't drastic, they just took a little over an inch off the back and then trimmed all around. She sat stiff as a board and as serious as can be while watching Doc McStuffins in the Barbie car as Amy cut her hair. It was funny how stoic she was throughout the whole thing. The lollipop afterwards did make her a little excited. :)
a glimpse of how long it had gotten (best picture I could find, apparently I don't take a lot of pictures of the back of my daughter's head!)

Miss Maggie is quite the busy little thing. She runs and jumps and walks down the stairs "all by self" and basically does anything she can to keep up with the big brothers. Unfortunately for her, this means that she falls, stumbles, trips and bangs quite often. This past week, she somehow hit her eye on a chair and has her first shiner. Yep, my two year old girl has a little bit of a black eye. It was swelling immediately, so I put the Boo-Boo Stick on it and it didn't get too awfully swollen or ugly. Now it looks like she has a little eye make-up on one eye!

It hasn't slowed her down one bit!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Burnt Blankies and Random Rashes

I've been a little quiet over here lately on the blogging front. Life has been rushing ahead at it's usual breakneck speed, so I haven't had a chance to sit down and write about it. Here's just a taste of what's been going on in our crazy house!

A few days ago, I was changing Maggie's diaper after her nap and I hear Will say, "Oh, no!" He runs into Maggie's room, in his typical dramatic style, and says, "Mom! My bluey! My bluey is stuck on the big lights! I was just trying to drop it down and it got stuck!" As I finished changing Maggie, a terrible smell wafts into the room. Something was burning. I rush out and find Will's precious blankie, named Bluey, because each of his older brothers has a blue stuffed animal with that name, melting and smoking on the chandelier. Thankfully, I could reach it and managed to peel it away without an actual fire breaking out. Unfortunately, Bluey was burned through in a couple places, and the whole ordeal scared my sweet four year old boy to the point that he was shaking and crying. It was so sad.

The good news is that he has rebounded well. We have always had a back-up Bluey, but since Will could tell them apart, he has always preferred the one that got torched, saying that the back-up looks mean, something about it's smile-he's such a funny kid! I went to Amazon, hoping that if I could order a new one the replacement might have a happy smile, like the original. Sadly, they no longer make the lovey that we have, but the newer version is close, so Will was excited to get it. Now my little guy sleeps with the back-up Bluey and his new "cute little Bluey."

The day that the new Bluey arrived, so did a rash. Saturday, after making a trip to Costco and to the library with the kids, I undressed Maggie for the bath and discovered that her arms were covered with a hive-like rash!

A few moments later I notice that Will's arms look very similar to Maggie's. Yikes. Just like that our two week streak of everyone going to church together on Sunday came to a screeching halt!

Sunday morning, Maggie's rash had spread to her legs and face. Monday morning, Jon got out of the shower and started calling for me. He had something similar on his arms and legs. Before lunch, Sam had it on his face.

Since we had friends who had recently had strep and two of the kids complained of sore throats, I took them in to the doctor on Tuesday.

The strep tests came back negative and the doctor declared it a viral rash. As of today, the boys are almost completely clear of their rashes, and Maggie just has some traces on her legs and face. I thought last winter with the boys thumb infections was weird, but this one might top it...maybe.