Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Fun

These crazies...they sure add some spice to my life!
Our summer was packed full of the typical summer goodness: pools, parks, picnics, summer camp, VBS, hanging out with friends, trips to the zoo and swim team. Like many, we had a summer bucket list and I'm happy to say that we completed most of it. We did not make it over to the Loveland bike trail yet, but I am hoping to do that on a lovely fall Saturday. Doesn't that sound nice? Honestly, most of the best fun was had doing the simple things that were close to home--hanging out with our neighbors, trips to our neighborhood pool, visiting with cousins and friends, etc... Here's a pictorial walk through of the highlights our summer:
It's the simple things...
We had the privilege of having my two nephews and niece stay with us for a few days in June. Nerf wars were held, Wii was played, there was swimming and playing in the treehouse. The days flew by and the kids truly loved spending time together! Such a blessing!
They loved cousin time! 
We are so thankful to be members of a pool that is less than a mile from our house. All three boys took swim lessons, and Jon and Sam were on the swim team. Will has more or less learned to swim and Maggie loves to leisurely float, which is miles from the top step where she hung out all of last summer! All of us made new friends and reconnected with old ones this summer. The pool is definitely one of the highlights of our summer!
Miss Maggie, the bathing beauty at our neighborhood pool
Many nights were spent eating pizza at the pool :)
Swim team brothers
The younger half, not quite ready to participate in the swim meets, snacked instead. ;)
So proud of Jon, who received the Coach's Award for his age group on the swim team.
We got zoo passes in the winter, and plan to use them more and more this fall. We did take one trip as a family last month. It was fun to hear the kids talk about their favorite animals and tell us why they love them.
Our four crazy animals at the zoo 
Pete and I got to sneak in a few date nights this summer. Several double dates, and one night we snuck away and went to a Reds game together. This guy is so much fun. I'm so thankful that I get to do life with him.
Reds game with my favorite guy
Other highlights of the summer were more about the company than the events, park days with friends, hanging out with friends at their houses or ours, and of course the times just hanging out with our neighbors, who have become friends, here on the cul de sac. 
Park day with friends
Fun with our favorite Markie girls!
One of our zucchini from our garden!
Silly girl at the library
We have so much fun with our neighbors! 
Snacks and a turtle with our friends, what could be better?
Maggie just adores sweet Emily
One of many trips to Target

I won't pretend there weren't moments of chaos or summer colds or strep throat, or even that everything was sun-kissed and sweet. When you get rid of the usual routines, order, and normal bedtimes, you end up with a little more arguing, a little more laziness, and in general a lack of direction and least we did! I am glad to be reflecting on the lazy, hazy summer days because now our days have more structure and purpose and order. I could still use a maid and a cook, but I am really enjoying our school days. All that said, summer will always be my favorite season! 

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