Sunday, November 2, 2014


Pete's grandma and her husband live in Alabama, near Gulf Shores. Last year, we decided to combine a family vacation with a visit with them and we had a great time. Well, it was a great time with the exception of crazy sinus infections for both Pete and I that led to separate trips to local urgent cares. But I digress... We decided then to try to make it a yearly tradition. This year, praise God, we all stayed healthy and were able to enjoy a really beautiful week in Alabama. Pete got to golf with Granny and Ken a couple times, and we went to the beach, and the pool, we played mini-golf, and went go-karting. Each night we'd eat dinner with Grandma Gloria and Ken, and then usually the kids would want to play games with her. The weather was great. All in all, it was a fabulous trip!

Here's a pictorial summary of our time there. A few pics of Granny and the kids and then some snapshots of us at the beach.

Our trip was more fun this year than last, and I suspect that as the kids get older, it will just keep getting more and more fun. The beach and family, two of the best things in life in my opinion! <3

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